Try this -does it work for you?

Discussion in 'Fun and Games - please join in' started by Jean, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Dids

    Dids New Member

    Are you all bonkers?
  2. "007"

    "007" New Member

    Dids, oh Dids,

    Everything makes sense to someone, at sometime :lol:
  3. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Everything makes sense to someone, at sometime

    That's a great motto 007, you gotta believe it!

  4. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Here's another one to look at :lol:
    Hope it doesn't send you cross-eyed!

  5. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    That's a laugh JJean, and Yes it does make me go crosseyed. :shock:
  6. Bassett

    Bassett New Member

    Gosh, that's a busy site :shock: :shock: :lol:
    and the music could be somewhat deafening! :D

  7. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

  8. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Quite interesting Holly !

  9. "007"

    "007" New Member

    Education at it's best :!: I've tried 3 of these. Any guesses as to which 3 :?: ;)
  10. KopyKat

    KopyKat New Member

    007 - is this how you pass your time :)

    Will have another look when I have two or three hours to spare!
  11. "007"

    "007" New Member


    You've busted me :!: My life isn't as exciting as it seems on screen :( but I DO know a lot of tricks ;)

    Where do you get those GREAT animated emoticons?
  12. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

  13. "007"

    "007" New Member

    Here's a fun little "test"!

    HH, I did the puzzle and it didn't look right, but it was fun!
  14. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    JB, you'll hear a click when the puzzle piece fits in correctly; otherwise you may have put a couple pieces in the wrong places. It's not the clearest photo, anyway, but I thought it was fun.

    As for your test, I scored 10 out of 20. :( So much for being an overachiever!
  15. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Did your fun test - but not telling you how many I scored :(

  16. "007"

    "007" New Member

    HH, I usually DON'T have my speakers on when I'm online, unless I intentionally turn them on. I WILL try it again using sound!

    JJ's, I WON'T ask you, "How many", but was it between 1-3? 4-6? 7-9? 10-12? 13-15? To keep it REALLY PRIVATE, answer using letters that refer to the number sequence, i.e. A=1-3, B=4-6, etc. That way only you and I will know ;) :!: :cool:
  17. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    (secret code :lol: )

    Nein, Nein :D
    Werde ich Sie nicht erzhalhen
  18. "007"

    "007" New Member

    Ten cuidado doble J's, yo hablo muchos lenguajes :cool: :!: :lol:
  19. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Oh Yeh?

  20. "007"

    "007" New Member

    Si Senorita ;)

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