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    A quote from a recent interview with Oscar-winning songwriter Randy Newman:
    It is this mixture of the serious and the playful that marks him out as one of the most creative of songwriters, moving between the satirical, poignant and political with ease and care, something that stems from an acute sensitivity, and a surprising insecurity.
    “Where I live is in the song for myself, where I see who the hell or what I am. There may come a point where I can’t do it, and there have been many times where I thought I had reached it. I have always lacked confidence.”
    This strange equation is something Jon Ronson mapped out in his 2003 documentary for Channel 4, I Am Unfortunately Randy Newman , where Newman tries to explain his lack of popularity; yet we talk about all the well-known people that have covered his songs, from Nina Simone to Gene Pitney.
    “Gene wrote some good stuff too, He’s a Rebel is great. He and Alan Price did well by me, and those Alan Price records were the best covers I ever had. The one I still like best is Cilla Black’s I’ve Been Wrong Before – not that it is a distinguished song, but they did it right. There was this period of a few months where I wrote some songs that had hooks, and my publisher was so happy, he thought that we were on our way, but I didn’t do it again.”
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    Thanks for that Holly. Always interesting to get these interviews!


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