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  1. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Look what The BEAT has given us this month!
    Alan Price on the front page where we like to see him and
    a two page 'Exclusive Interview'.
    Many thanks to Ralph Gowling and Editor David Parker :thumbup:

    (If you want to order a copy for yourself then email
    [email protected] )




    Note - it says 'more from Alan in a future issue'
  2. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Wow -- what a great article! Thanks so much for posting, Jean.

    I wonder if any members of the original Alan Price Set will be on the tour, or is he just using the old name for the same group that's been touring with Alan? It would be nice to hear him with that killer horn section again.

    Then again, adding Zoot, Bobby, Maggie, and Chris definitely adds a new element to the old band! I'd love to hear that Maggie/Chris duet.
  3. Bassett

    Bassett New Member

    Another tremendous bit from The BEAT!

    Interesting to read that A Night At The Flamingo was Alan's idea -a very eyecatching name for a show :biggrin:

    also noted it said "more from Alan in a future issue" :thumbup:
  4. adebee

    adebee New Member

    Great Mag this BEAT Magazine.

    Thanks for posting Jean
  5. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Agree with you Adebee - especially when Alan Price is included!:thumbup:
  6. milka

    milka New Member


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