The Alan Price song in my head today

Discussion in 'Discography' started by hollyh, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Don't Try

    and then

    Farewell Goodbye

    [been listening to Shouts Across the Streets a lot lately...]
  3. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Just listened and watched, again, to Alan and Georgie on YouTube singing Rosetta. Brilliant!
    They look as though they really enjoy singing together.

  4. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Been listening to a lot of Gigster's Life For Me lately. The particular song that won't leave my brain is Rolling Like A Pebble In The Sand.
  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    You're Telling Me

    great blues song -- and Alan's playing on this is amazing!
  6. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    Down At The World's End

    "Down at the World's End, you can meet your best friend.
    Down at the World's End, at opening time.
    You can drown your sorrows, forget about tomorrow.
    Down at the World's End, at opening time "

    Alan wrote and performed the opening and closing credits for a BBC TV show called "World's End", the name of the local pub in which the show was set. (Sort of like "Cheers".)
  7. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    The song in my head today is -

    "....Just for me, you're all I ever dreamed you'd be
    Just for you, I'll reach and shake the money tree
    I will do all the things you've ever wanted to do....."

    Always liked this one, in fact I frequently play it when I am driving.

    I remember Alan singing it on one of the shows I went to and saying
    when he took his very young daughter to the park he would
    shake a tree and 'find' coins in it for her -
    hence the reference to the money tree and
    he added "she still thinks there's a b****y money tree!"

    I wonder if these anecdotes are true :lol: or does he make them up? :roll:
  8. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Don't Stop

    I have to admit that I often feel a little :oops: when I listen to this song -- partly because it has that cheesy 70s sound down pat . . . and partly because it's just so blatantly sexy!!
  9. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Little Bird

    I love this Based On A True Story album!!
  10. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    "I’ll give you pearls, I’ll give you rings
    I’ll give you money, that kind of thing
    I’ll be your friend when you’re down and out
    I’ll give you a call - I'll give you........................" [​IMG]

    Love this song and once I start singing it I can't stop :)
    Everything But Love from Liberty Album

  11. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Some Change :cool:
  12. KopyKat

    KopyKat New Member

    Just listening to 'How You've Changed' from Gigsters Life for Me and of course I shall listen to
    the rest of the CD especially 'Say It Isn't True' - all great stuff!

  13. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Agree with you KopyKat
    Alan singing "Say It Isn't True" - brilliant ! :D

  14. chesh

    chesh New Member

    Sell, Sell, Sell...
  15. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Any Day Now :D

    Welcome, chesh!!
  16. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Sell, sell, sell - Ooooops!
    I see that song has already been posted by chesh
    but I like it too :p
  17. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Just been listening to 'Follow Me'
    a very catchy number and can't
    stop singing it now

  18. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    She's Got Another Pair of Shoes

  19. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    "Sweet Pea" alternating with "Cherie" alternating with "Mama Divine"

    I'm all mixed up -- but in a good way!
  20. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Not Alan Price song today:

    Can't stop singing Bonnie & Clyde -
    saw Georgie Fame last night and this was one of his songs that he sang.

    Can't say it's ever been an out and out favourite of mine but
    it's very catchy once you start singing it. .....


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