The Alan Price Combo remembered

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    From the Shields Gazette:
    Published on Friday 1 June 2012 11:00
    [​IMG] IT’S an early picture of what would evolve into one of the most iconic bands to come out of the North East of England.
    Alan Price, with his Jarrow family associations, is there, on piano, Eric Burdon, on vocals and, at the back, the tall figure of Chas Chandler.
    This was the nascent Animals – the Alan Price Combo, seen here in about 1962.
    The photograph is from Heaton: From Farms to Foundries, which explores this area of Newcastle in words and pictures.
    Heaton is where Chandler, who later managed guitarist Jimi Hendrix, spent the first 25 years of his life, working initially in the shipyards.
    Heaton – also associated with the early days of Newcastle United FC – was originally an isolated community of farmhouses above the Ouseburn.
    Like many similar small Tyneside communities, it would eventually be absorbed by industry. Heaton was where Charles Parsons established his first steam turbine manufacturing works in the 1880s.
    Other famous Heaton associations include Ringtons tea and the People’s Theatre.
    Heaton, written and compiled by city guide Alan Morgan, is published in paperback, price £8.99, by Tyne Bridge Publishing (Newcastle City Libraries). Visit
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    Thanks Holly.

    Very interesting and I haven't seen a pic of the Combo before.

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    Fifty years ago! Hard to imagine...

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