Sheet music for 'To Ramona' by Alan (Piano)

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  1. mrmish

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    I found this wonderful version of 'To Ramona' by Alan on YouTube:

    I am a young, amateur learner of the piano and I can't get the chords by ear. But this is such a nice cover of the classic Dylan song that I really love it. Can anyone help me find the sheet music for this one if available, or maybe (if you have a little time to spare) scribble down the chords on a sheet of paper and upload it here?

    I just joined this forum and I really appreciate the community here (though there seems to be not much activity recently). Also, Alan's amazing!
  2. Jean

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    Welcome to the forum mrmish.

    I agree that Alan's version of To Ramona is brilliant so I'm glad you posted it for us.

    As you say, there is not much activity on the forum but I know there are quite a few people who browse through although they don't join. It is nice to see a new member.

    I do hope somebody is able to find the information for you.

    What part of the UK are you from?
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