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    Hi, Ive been away for a while, having major AP withdrawal! Kills me to see that he is doing shows in 2009 in the UK, et al., I am so jealous of anyone who can see him. Still wondering if anyone could tape the shows, with permission, of course, and put them on line. Just tell Alan his fans want to see him! I was wondering, on BBC America they have the Graham Norton show, and there was another one, name I forget just now, that had a lot of musical guests, don't know how old the shows are, but by any possible chance at all ever, was Alan ever on any of those shows? They don't always list the guests, and I imagine if he had been it would have been noted on the site (which looks great, by the way) but can never hurt to ask. They did take off some of the Youtube films, unbelieveable, are they somewhere else? Hope you all have a Happy Holiday, and if anyone anywhere goes to see Alan, tell him the same, and we need to see him!

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