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Discussion in 'Talk About Alan's Albums' started by hollyh, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I just thought we should start a thread for each of Alan's major solo albums, where we can all post our thoughts about the album. Anyone want to start? [hr]
    The House Of The Rising Sun
    I'm Coming Back
    Mr. Sunbeam
    Love You True
    Perfect Lady
    Wake Up!
    The Love That I Needed
    I Have Tried
    Don't Make Me Suffer
    Music In The City

    Extra tracks on CD:
    This Is Your Lucky Day
    Groovy Times
    Baby Of Mine

  2. Daria

    Daria New Member

    Oh, just opened the thread and Wake Up! started in my player :)
    As I said earlier I adore that song. It's light and powerful at the same time :) I don't listen to the words even. They are so essential for a sleepy person who needs to go to work or whatever. It's on my alarm clock, so every morning it's the same - "you've got to get yourself together" and "op" I go :D

    And of course Alan's vision of The House Of The Rising Sun is sooo very different from the Animals' one. Now I get why he went out of the studio when the band started the first sounds of the song. He just heard it differently from the very beginning :) Anyway I like the Animals' song more probably because I heard it first (hollyh, it's like Newman's Simon Smith for you)

    I'm Coming Back is a real song to shout :) It helps me when I'm tired.
  3. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    My feelings about this album are mixed. Of course I love it because it's by Alan. However, it's the only one of his albums that was recorded in the States, and some parts of it sound to me as if he's trying for a sound that isn't naturally his. On the other hand, he was working with great studio musicians (they naturally gravitate to LA, where there is so much work) and topnotch producers. He would have been a fool if he hadn't taken advantage of that and tried to extend his range.

    Some of these songs are among my AP favorites -- I'm Coming Back, Mr. Sunbeam, and Wake Up! are so much fun to listen to, great high-energy pop songs. I Have Tried is a very moving song, with that lush melody; even though the arrangement has all those synth-y high-tech touches, it feels totally honest and heartfelt. And I agree that this arrangement of The House of the Rising Sun can stand up against the original any day -- it really rocks out, and finds a new dimension of funkiness in the song that feels just right. (But sorry, Daria, I can never prefer any other song to that original HotRS!!)

    Some of the other songs, though, sound to me as if Alan had just dashed them off, eager to get into the studio and try out new sounds. I love the twanginess of Perfect Lady, for example, but the song itself is just a string of cliches. Love You True, The Love That I Needed, and Don't Make Me Suffer are generic titles for more or less generic pop songs. I have to say, I felt a little disappointed in Alan when I first got this album. It's not up to his usual standards.
  4. Daria

    Daria New Member

    Good evening, hollyh

    to my shame I never heard the original. I thought the song was traditional, though later I found it had an author. May be I'll try to find the original tomorrow, because I'm very tired to do anything but visiting the Forum :)

    I didn't know this album was made in the USA :) Alan agreed to fly there? :D
    When I first heard it I was gulping any of his songs, because I've just discovered the treasury of his art :D That's why I probably didn't care much about the shallowness of some lyrics or anything else. I just wiped every drop of the sound I could XD
  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Yes, he went out to LA to record this one. It was done in a studio in Hollywood, though some overdubs were added later in London. I really wonder why he decided to do it that way. That's just one of the questions I will ask Alan when I finally get a chance to interview him.

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