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Discussion in 'Alan Price and His Band' started by Jean, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    More New Songs

    Exactly this time last year we were all delighted that Alan had put
    new music on his website for us to enjoy at Christmas.

    Well, he has done it again but this time there are 15 new songs for us to download.
    Now that's what I call a really great Christmas present.

    Thank you Alan.....

    From the samples I've listened to 'Me and Infinity' is my favourite but then
    it's difficult to choose until you are able to hear the whole song.
    Planning to download tomorrow [​IMG]
  2. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Oh, goody goody GOODY!!!
  3. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    and GOODY again!

    Are these all new songs and is there any information about them
    like, were they written for a play/musical?
  4. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    I think if you look it says they are from "O Lucky Man Too!!" yes.gif

    Always good to have some new songs from Alan isn't it?

    Has anybody downloaded yet? and what do you think?

    I haven't had time to listen yet - I am saving that for my Christmas
  5. chesh

    chesh New Member

    Great news, but I think you need a PayPal account which I don't have. However, my son does, so I shall ask him to pay and download tomorrow. I shall report back with my opinion of the new material. :D
  6. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I just downloaded them all -- lucky for me that the dollar has a bit more value against the pound than it did a few months ago :roll: -- I'll have a good listen over the next day or so and let you know what I think. On first listen, some of the songs sound very good indeed!

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