Rave review of Complete Animals CD set

Discussion in 'Alan Price - On The Internet' started by hollyh, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Here's the link:

    Animals CD review

    My favorite part was this bit by the second of the three reviewers:

    "Musically, the Animals were driven far more by keyboards than by guitar, and Alan Price was the driving force in their sound. Switching between organ and piano, Price was without peer as a rock keyboardist until the advent of The Band and before the degradation of the organ by pretentious performers like Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. No keyboard work in anything by Yes or ELP or ELO can even remotely match the simplicity, passion, and musicianship that one finds in the Animals finest songs." :nod::clap::cool:
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  3. Daria

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    we knew that, didn't we? :D
    great post, hollyh :) thank you!
  4. Jean

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    As Daria says - great post Holly! :thankyou:
    and isn't it marvellous that other sites are still posting
    reviews in 2010!
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    yes it's wonderful Jean
  6. Daria

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    Jean, at the very beginning of 2010! I'm waiting for more reviews and other Animals or Price articles this year :)

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