Question about a song on 'Price of Fame' in 1969!

Discussion in 'Introductory Forum' started by Joel Kosminsky, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Joel Kosminsky

    Joel Kosminsky New Member

    I went to a recording of 'The Price of Fame' at the BBC Television Theatre, Shepherds Bush (London) on 07 Dec 1969 (yes, nineteen sixty nine), and I still have the ticket.

    One song which Alan sang I cannot trace anywhere, and it still haunts me. It's a gentle wistful ballad, and the last line (the only one I can remember) is "I guess I'll stop my philandering, find a girl and settle down..."

    Can anyone identify the song from that lyric? Not many songs have 'philandering' in their words so that might ring bells. If you can pin it down, has it been recorded, if not by Alan then someone else perhaps?

    'Haunted fan'
  2. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Joel.

    I can remember that line well but not the title of the
    song at the moment. I will do a little bit of searching
    which shouldn't take long as I can almost sing the song.

    Watch this space......
  3. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Have done a bit of searching Joel and think this might be the one you are looking for?

    We have had some interesting posts about it and David Matthews, the man who
    wrote the song, found our forum and told us the title is "Still Searching for Love"
    and not "More and More as time Goes By" as I originally thought. We had been
    trying to find the
    title since 2006!.

    Lots of information if you click on this link and read the thread.

    Quite a popular song but it seems Alan did not record it.

    I have also found a video clip from the show but it's on a Russian internet and it
    won't copy to this forum. I am looking for information to see how to do it so may be
    here later.

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