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    Price & Fame

    It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a separate thread devoted to Alan's partnership with Georgie Fame. I just won on eBay an article from Disc and Music Echo, May 1, 1971, which features paired interviews with Alan and Georgie. (It's got some lovely pics as well, all of them showing Alan playing guitar -- which he probably did more than usual while working with Georgie. I always wondered how they worked it out, since they both play keyboards!)

    Anyway, I'll try to scan the photos at some point. But here's a few excerpts from the introduction:

    It's uncanny how close the paths of Price and Fame have come in thier individual careers over the years. A graph of both their personal lives would show several similarities, since they first set their sights on London and showbiz bigtime at the start of the 60s.

    Both come from ordinary working class backgrounds -- Georgie, the Lanscashire lad from the coal and cotton country; Alan, a blunt, sometimes brash Geordie, born and raised in industrial County Durham. Each lost a parent at an early age -- Georgie's mother died when he was nine; Alan's father was killed when he was six. Both widowed parents remarried.

    And several influential showbiz and music world folk figure as guiding lights on the long and slippery stairway to stardom they shared. For instance, Giorgio Gomelski and producer Ian Samwell each took an early interest in them.

    Gomelski met Georgie gigging for Rik Gunnell at London's "Flamingo", and encountered Alan when a "cultural exchange" between his Yardbirds and the Animals was being arranged for London and Newcastle.

    Samwell also saw Fame at the "Flamingo," where they made an album together; and he was on hand with Mickie Most when Alan's Animals cut "Baby, Let Me Take You Home," their first chart success.

    The link-up, therefore, of Price and Fame comes, perhaps fortuitously, when pop is in a particulqrly perplexed state. Creative musicians appear to have been sapped of their strength.

    Alan and Georgie believe that their brand of music -- basically, in their words, "a return to the roots" -- is about to change things.

    Working together, they are in a perfect position to give pop a good, hefty kick in the pants.
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    Fame & Price

    An excellent idea, Holly! There were quite a lot of articles written about the pair, and they always proved to be provocative and enlightening.

    Although they only produced one studio album, Fame & Price's "Super Hits" CD is currently in-print and available for purchase. They also had quite a few non-LP tracks (released as B-sides of singles), and their successful TV series is still shown on the BBC in England.

    I have in my collection a live, concert recording of Fame & Price, as well as many of their non-LP tracks. Anyone interested may contact me for further information.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your article, Holly. Thanks!

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