Plague Dogs

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    Link to Plague Dogs on youtube. This is the complete film in sections.
    The last song at the very end of the film is of course written and sung by Alan Price -
    and it goes without saying - he's brilliant!

    Remarks posted about the sad ending -

    For those of you unfamiliar with the book's ending, it turns out that Snitter's master is recuperating in a hospital from his car accident. Meanwhile, Snitter and Rowf are in the middle of the sea (where this movie ends) when they are rescued by a small boat and returned to land. Waiting for them on land is Snitter's owner, who states he is the legal guardian of Snitter and takes both Snitter and Rowf, saving them from death.

    and somebody else said:

    The antidote to the animated movie Plague Dogs (a movie that makes you feel like you've been kicked in the gut, until the end, when you feel like you've been kicked in the gut and neck at the same time) is actually the novel Plague Dogs.

    You know how the movie ends with...well, I won't spoil, but it ends with a pretty hopeless situation. However, in the last chapters of the book, the author steps in and says something like: there's no good way out of this, so I'm going to invent a character who can save the day. And he does! It sounds like a copout, but I found it quite successful, the way it plays out. Worth checking out at the library or something just to skim to the ending--especially if, like me, the movie made you feel like crap and you need an interesting pick me up. (Not often a novel has a happier ending than the movie, is it?)
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    This is my copy of
    As it is a Promotion Copy and is marked 'not for sale'
    then I would think it was not released as a 45 and
    I would be surprised if there are many copies about.

    I also have the Plague Dogs DVD. :)

    --------- [​IMG]
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    ------------------------- The Plague Dogs Soundtrack LP

    -------------------------- [​IMG]

    ----------------- This LP for sale on ebay today at $72 (£40.23) Wow!

    Track listing

    1. Time and Tide
    A more perky version than the one that ends the film.
    2. Freedom
    3. Wondering
    4. The Change
    5. In the Pens
    6. Sheep Dogs
    7. The Escape from the Incinerator
    8. Frog Catching
    The trumpet accompaniment to the frog catching
    scene that was excluded from most American releases.
    9. Rowf's Kill
    10. Lack Loud's Death
    11. Inside The Laboratory
    12. The Beginning of the End
    13. Rowf and Snitter Run to the Sea
    14. Time and Tide
    Totally different to Alan Price's opening song,
    this is a beautiful 27 second horn piece.

    I could have bought it a few months ago for about £10 [​IMG]
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    I havnt watched the clips because its a film ove always wanted to watch yet dont seem to have got round to yet ... ill look forward to seeing the whole thing :) ...if I can find it that is :(

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