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Discussion in 'Introductory Forum' started by Celia, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Welcome, papafender! Are you a guitarist? Do you have a Fender guitar?

    Your daughter is a fantastic fan, and I know you are too!!
  2. papafender

    papafender New Member

    Hello-hello, Hollyh! I`m very glad be joined with fans ALAN PRICE (excuse my poor english)
    Yes, I`m bass-guitarist & double-bassist (contrabass). Now I have IBANEZ-bass (japanese),
    but my child-dream buy FENDER JAZZ-BASS. And I'll do it!!!

    What are you into?
  3. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Oh, my son and my daughter are both electric bassists. My daughter plays a blue Ibanez and my son has a red Music Man bass.

    Do you play acoustic bass (stand-up bass) as well?
  4. papafender

    papafender New Member

    Well,well,well!!! (from song ALAN PRICE). My congratulations to You - Your children are bassists!
    What music style they prefer?

    I play double-bass (contrabass) classic music (opera, balett), country, dixieland, jazz...
    And I do it cool...I think... (Ho-Ho-Ho)
  5. richard

    richard Guest

    welcome papafender! i hope you enjoy it here!
  6. lullaby

    lullaby New Member

    Dobro pozhalovat, tvarich! A new member here is always more than welcome here, that's the first thing I ever learned.
    Your daughter and I have become great friends, I'm very glad to have met her. :wave2:
  7. Daria

    Daria New Member

    awwww.... lullaby you're so sweet
    hope to see you one day :D
  8. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    They both play in the jazz band at their school. My son also likes to play rock music, especially indie rock.
  9. papafender

    papafender New Member

    Merci, mademoiselle! I`m glad for all good friends of my daughter!!!
    I believe my communication with my young friends make me younger and younger...
    And I make my music like ALAN soooooooooooo:whut:
  10. lullaby

    lullaby New Member

    De rien! Someday, if I have the honor to, I'll have to hear your music and become a living witness of the talent you must surely possess. :nod:

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