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Discussion in 'Introductory Forum' started by jeggor, Sep 10, 2010.

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    I found out about these gigs by chance just over 3 years ago; I went on a nostalgia outing to see Zoot's band, last time I saw him was about 1967, and I was really enjoying the evening. Then near the end of the first set a guy gets up on the stage, wrapped up in dark outdoor clothing - scarf, hat, the lot, and starts messing around with covers on the Yamaha Grand. I expected someone to grab him and throw him out, but no he stated playing and it was amazing. It was like someone had switched on the after-burners; all the guys on stage upped their game and the power flowing from the stage was hard to comprehend. Just had to sit back and enjoy. It turned out that it was Zoot's birthday and AP turned up to join in the party. I decided then that I would go along to see his band play the regular monthly slot.
    I went along hoping that AP was getting it together these days - I was a little doubtful about going as I had experienced my worst ever evening in a theatre some 15(?) years ago when I went to see him play at The Theatre Royal, Windsor; less said about that the better!
    The evening was a revelation, not only was Alan singing and playing better than I ever remembered but he had a great band with Mr Money in attendance also. It was 2 for the price of one and an offer that I have availed myself of many times since. I started by going along to the Bull's Head about 3 times in that first year, I went along more in the second year, and now I seem to go almost every time he's playing there. A warning for any of you thinking of going along, it can easily become a compulsion! No two evenings are alike, and every once it while there is a little gem of an evening when something very special is created on that little stage. So it's worth puting up with the occasional evening when Alan is not feeling top of the world, there is always a little drama played out each month and this can be almost as fascinating as the music.
    Well, I have had my say, and I wonder now if this is wise thing to have done; the back room at the Bull's Head is not very big and I don't want to find it full when I turn up for future gigs. Perhaps you should all stay at home and I will write an entry on this site and tell you all about it...............!
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    Hello Jeggor
    Welcome to APFF. :wave:

    You are so lucky to get to The Bulls Head every month - do you live
    fairly nearby? I really want to get there one day maybe next year
    I will make it.

    As you will see we are all very interested to hear everything about the shows,
    and some members from Belgium and Switzerland have travelled over to meet
    him there and I think they have arranged to go again in November.

    We already have a thread ALAN PLAYS AT THE BULLS HEAD BARNES 2010 so
    have moved your post to join it.

    Lovely to hear from you

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    Thanks for the review, Jeggor. It's great to hear that Alan redeemed your opinion of him.

    I can well understand how those Bulls Head evenings might become a compulsion. Sadly, I live too far away (in the USA) to make it a regular monthly outing. I'm just hoping to get there once before too much more time has passed.

    Just curious -- how did you find this forum?
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    Hi Jeggor!

    Jean's right, Fabienne (from Geneva) and I (with husband) are going to the Bull's Head (again) in November. We should meet. Also, it's not just that we're addicts, but we've got something cooking. I will say more later...

    Have a nice day


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