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    Nobody Can
    Album: Metropolitan Man. Posted by JJean

    Well I was young and I was new
    Thought there was nothing that I couldn't do
    Threw away my pride, threw away my bread
    I didn't care whatever I said
    Now nobody can give it back
    Nobody can make it last
    No nobody, nobody nobody can give me back the past
    Well I was young and I was lost
    Oh Lordy Lordy look what it cost
    Ittook my time and it took my tears
    It took away all those prescious years
    Well now the hardest thing for me to take
    Born as I am I make the same mistakes
    Never mind, never mind here I go
    I'm feeling high and singing low
    Now nobody can give it back



    No One Ever Hurt So Bad
    by Randy Newman
    Album: A Price On His Head. Posted by hollyh

    Sit by my window and watch the rain
    I hear it beating on my window pane
    Well, it makes me so sad
    Be no one ever hurt this bad

    My baby left me and now I'm alone
    Wait for a letter and I sit by the phone
    Oh, the troubles I've had
    Bet no one ever hurt this bad

    Since you went away
    I can't face the day
    And night brings nothing but pain
    Thought I could go on
    I see that I was wrong
    Baby, please come back -
    And end me from this misery

    Somebody somewhere hear my plea
    And send my baby back to me
    It'd make me so glad
    Bet no one ever hurt this bad


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