Lucky Day

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  1. Jean

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    This Is Your Lucky Day
    (The Girl Won't Get Under)
    Mike Lesley and Billy Day

    Well, I'm rolling up the river
    And she can't move
    And the muddy river water
    Started getting in my shoes
    Ooh, what a mess I'm in
    But I won't tell the lady
    That I can't swim.

    Well, I rowed a little harder
    Just to reach the shore
    When the water reached my neck
    I couldn't row any more
    Ooh what a mess I'm on
    'cos the girl won't get under
    And I can't swim.

    Well, the lady was an expert
    She could do the crawl
    She came to my rescue
    When she heard me call.

    Chorus: No, this ain't your lucky day
    No, you won't get to land any way
    'cos the lady don't like to play.

  2. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Groovy Times

    You've said that you will be with me
    As long as time goes on
    You've said that we can live a life
    Full of dreams, so now dream on
    And you will have groovy times, groovy times,
    Groovy times with me
    I know that soon we'll have our day
    And we will say I do
    From that day on I'll make you smile
    And all my soul will belong to you
    And we will have groovy times, groovy times,
    Groovy times, you'll see.

  3. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Baby Of Mine

    Baby of mine, please believe me
    When I say I've settled down
    Take no note of jealous people, I've always had them
    Putting me down
    Baby of mine, I've been in trouble, I've let my heart
    Run over my head
    Baby of mine, I won't leave you, and I will take you
    To my bed
    I just couldn't do it any more
    And you can't get no lower than the floor
    The effort may be there,
    but when no one seems to care
    You just can't do it any more
    Baby or mine, at last I've found you
    And I can never let you go
    Baby please believe me when I say I love you so.

  4. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Those Tender Lips

    Those tender lips that I've just kissed
    Take me off into a dream I never knew
    Right from the start your loving heart
    Has persuaded me to fall in love with you
    I had my sunny days and my funny days
    And quite a lot of nothing in between
    When I was so low down you turned my life around
    You brought me love, where love had never been
    Those tender night of sweet delight
    They've replaced the loneliness I used to know
    Right from the start your loving heart
    Has persuaded me that's where I've got to go.

  5. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Mama Don't Go Home

    Mama don't go home, don't leave me alone
    Dance with me tonight, the moon and starts are bright
    Mama move around, listen to the sounds
    Now ain't the music sweet, Mama move your feet
    If you are discontent dancing is heaven sent
    Let me revive the feeling in you
    If you left behind the dancing in your mind
    I have a few suggestions for you
    Mama start again, please release your brain
    Don't be so uptight, dancing is delight.

  6. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    I Love You Too

    You may have cried and died a little tonight
    You may have wished it was happening out of sight
    But I saw it happen to you
    There was nothing I could do
    But just remember tonight that I love you too
    So you thought his love was gonna last forever
    And you didn't guess that he'd turn and walk away
    Yes I saw the tear in your eye as he said his last goodbye
    So just remember tonight that I love you too
    Dream are only for dreamers
    And love only lasts until believers leave us
    You may not know that I am the man that you're meant for
    And don't expect it all to fall into place
    So forget what that man's done to you
    Strike him from your memory do
    And just remember tonight that I love you too.

  7. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    The US version of this album I believe is called England, My England -- if it's the same LP...although I also have a vinyl EP called It's Priceless with some of these same tracks on it. Or is Lucky Day an EP? :?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Holly, you are right, I hadn't noticed the same songs on both LPs - yes I have both!

    LUCKY DAY (JZ 3570) has 'This is your lucky day'.
    ENGLAND MY ENGLAND (JET DL300) 'This ain't your lucky day'
    but the words are the same! And otherwise the songs are all the same but in a different order.

    Something else I've learned :D

    (just noticed I haven't logged in :) )

  9. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Citizens Of The World Unite

    Citizens of the world unite and fight for
    What is right - think of your children
    Take a look around you and bear witness to
    The cruel world we're building
    One half of the world eats whilst one half is going crazy
    One half of the world kills whilst the other's growin' lazy

    Citizens of the world awake and act for goodness sake
    Whilst you're still breathing
    Everyone has got a faith be it the cross or
    Red flag you believe in
    One half of the world hates whilst the other lives in terror
    One half of the world waits for the other's major error.

  10. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Help From You

    In a silent world of dreams
    That's where I live
    And only truth will bring me round
    I grew up and when I learnt just how to live
    I knew I would leave this town
    And all the friends I'd made
    That's when I began to change

    Won't somebody tell me where I've got to go?
    I just want to be in the chorus of the show
    nd if chance won't let me be the one to win
    As long as I can try I will do it with a grin
    And all I need is help me please
    Help me please indeed
    I need help from you.

  11. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Pity The Poor Boy

    I've been taken, I've been shaken
    I've learnt to laugh at my life going wrong
    Now I'm educated to the fact that life can fluctuate and break you
    I'm walking along under street lights glistening
    I'm taking to walls that never listen
    Pity the lonely boy who's going under
    Scratching for money's never funny
    It seems like a year since life was sunny
    Pity the lonely boy who's going under.

    I'm a dreamer, I'm a schemer
    How can I win in this world and survive
    I'll try anything, I'll do most anything to really make it
    None of the stuff that school has taught me
    Has prepared me for trouble that luck has brought me
    Pity the lonely boy who's going under
    It seems the only way I'll get it
    Is find me a girl who wants to make it
    And isn't particular about her man but then
    Pity the poor boy who's going under.


  12. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    England My England

    If the world was square he'd walk right off the edge
    If the sea was beer he'd probably sign the pledge
    He's an awkward lad and he won't get out of bed
    Lazy Eddie, he's got a steady
    And his girlfriend really can't see the wood for trees
    She couldn't spell her name when she took her G.C.E.s
    And the only time she's thunk she's thunk about
    the birds and bees
    She has a baby from the navy
    England my England, my my
    We are your children, Oh England don't cry
    And his Mum is a cleaner at the Co-op bakery
    She saves all her wages for a Japenese TV
    To please her old man who is struggling on the dole
    Supports United, the fools delighted
    That on an island built on coal and with oil beneath the sea
    We've struggled to get by and we've joined the E.E.C.
    And if you want a steady job you can take a tip from me
    Work for the union, long live confusion.


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