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  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Here are a couple of EPs I have on vinyl:


    It's Priceless -- Accord Records 1982
    This Is Your Lucky Day / Mama Don't Go / Groovy Times / Citizens of the World Unite / Help From You


    In a Word: Six Love Songs from Alan Price -- Jet Records 1979
    In a Word (Once in a While) / Baby of Mine / I Love You Too / I Wanna Dance / Groovy Times / Just For You'
  2. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    In A Word

    "In A Word (once in a while)" is such a beautiful song!

    It's one of my very favorites by Alan Price. Maybe it's because, like Alan,
    "I know the hour and the day of the week that (she) saved me."

    Another favorite is "Clair de Lune".
  3. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    It was me

    Yea, it was me alright. This was one of those strange coincidences that occasionally happen in life. How that case of un-released 8-Track tapes came to be there - in a carton, on a pallet of 20 cartons, among literally hundreds of other pallets, in a huge wholesale record warehouse in Albany, NY - I'll never know. And then for an Alan Price fan to find it there... the chances of that happening were very, very small indeed.

    Perhaps there was an Ampex tape duplication factory in Albany in 1974 (when "Savaloy Dip" was scheduled to be released), and a test run of the tapes were ready to be shipped to Reprise for approval when the cancellation order was received. The order would have included instructions to destroy all existing copies, but those orders aren't always followed. Instead, the carton may have been tossd into the promotional and overstock pile (and I've seen similar "piles" that filled 12 x 20 foot rooms up to eye-level), and later sold as part of a deal with the record warehouse. (Records, tapes and now CD are purchased by wholesalers in bulk - by the ton - regardless of title.)

    It was by sheer luck that I happened to be working in that part of the warehouse, on that particular pallet on that buying trip. (I used to travel up and down the entire East Coast, and as far west as Texas, going from one record wholesaler's warehouse to the next - buying thousands of out-of-print and collectable titles each trip for my music wholesale and retail businesses. I'd ship my finds of the day back home, spend the night in a hotel, then drive to the next location.)

    Alan was quite surprised to learn that I had copies of the studio recordings that even he wasn't able to get from Reprise, due to contractual disputes. I was only too happy to send him several copies of the tape, and in return he sent me a lovely letter, an 8x10 photo on which he'd written "Tony, thanks for all your help. Alan Price" and later on - a copy of the "Geordie Melody" 45 (which has several themes from the "Savaloy Dip" sessions). Years later, an un-official CD became available from Importers, and I've always wondered if Alan had some hand in that.

    I'm currently searching for the photo, which I'll scan and post on APFF. (I know that it's framed, but I just can't seem to locate the photo! Being a commercial photographer, I have dozens of boxes of photos - framed and unframed - in storage.) As the song says, "Any day now...."
  4. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I've never understood why the record company wouldn't let Alan have his OWN tapes back...or, indeed, why they would have cancelled that album in the first place. I know they expected great things from Alan, coming on the heels of O Lucky Man!, and the album they eventually got instead, Between Today and Yesterday, is a masterpiece. But who was that executive would listened to Savaloy Dip and thought it was no good? I think it's an excellent album and it's a shame that the world was deprived of it.
  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Of course, er, I've never heard the album because it's only available on bootlegs and I would never dream of buying bootlegs, EVEN IF it's an album that'd not available otherwise and the artist therefore loses no income... :roll:
  6. Jim H

    Jim H New Member

    Andy Capp 45

    Jean, I just saw the picture sleeve for the Andy Capp single. Does Alan actually sing We are Waiting for the Moment?
    On the LP soundtrack, We are Waiting is sung by the rest of the cast as the second song on the album.
    I've not seen Alan's We are Waiting for the Moment listed anywhere else.

  7. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Hi Jim - great to hear from you again!!

    I haven't actually listened to it yet but I will do so now and let you know.
  8. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    I have just listened and it is definitely Alan singing with a few backing singers
    joining in now and again - no mistaking his voice is there?

    I thought you had everything that Alan has recorded in your collection! :cool:

    How I wish I had seen that show but I didn't know it was on - no
    internet then to get all this information.

    I am hoping that one day soon we will be able to see the O Lucky Man! show.

    Jean :)
  9. Jim H

    Jim H New Member

    Hi Jean:
    Well, I guess there's one single I'll have to track down now. Nope, I don't have it.

    I look forward to what Alan is doing with O Lucky Man.

    I'm in the process of putting my vinyl onto CD so I'm listening to songs I haven't heard in a long time.
    I hadn't noticed that Geordie Melody has part of Savaloy Dip in the song. Also, I appreciate the comments
    on England My England/Lucky Day above - I'll have to include the alternate versions on the CD I burn.

  10. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Jim - looks like you are going to be busy if you are putting all your vinyl onto

    CDs but hope you have a spare moment or two to visit APFF again :)

  11. Jim H

    Jim H New Member

    Hi Jean. Not all my vinyl; only select artists, Alan being one of them.
    I regularly visit this site but only post when I have something to say.
  12. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Good to hear that Jim! 'See' you again soon.

  13. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    England My England / Lucky day

    Hi Jim,

    We haven't "met", but I'd just like to say that I've noted your reputation as an Alan Price fan/scholar,
    and that I'd like to compare notes some day. (If you've been reading my posts, you know quite a lot about me.)

    I'm glad that my post concerning the different tracks on "England My England" and "Lucky Day" was helpful to you.
    Thanks for commenting. Best wishes, Tony
  14. Jim H

    Jim H New Member

    Hi Tony:
    Yes I have been reading your posts and enjoying them very much. I certainly like the photos you've posted
    and the information on some of Alan's releases.

    I've been an Animals fan since 1964. I can even remember when and where I first heard the Animals (and
    therefore Alan Price) - in June 1964, walking across a school playground listening to my transistor radio
    when Baby Let Me Take You Home came on. There are 15 to 20 groups/artists that I collect very seriously
    and a few that I collect intensively. Alan belongs to the latter group. I finally got to meet Alan in Dec. 2003
    at a stop on the Manfreds RnB tour. I was able to get my copies of the Animals first 2 Canadian albums signed.
    When I told him that The Animals on Tour is my all-time favourite album, he said "Well, there's no accounting for taste."

    I was able to track down a CD copy of Savaloy Dip from a guy in Singapore a couple of years back; his copy may have
    come from you originally. I'm now looking for the Andy Capp single that Jean found. I've got the 12" This Fool's in Love
    on the way with an extra song on the flip side that I haven't heard of before. Other than those two songs, I believe
    I've got pretty well everything Alan has released.

    I see on the Alan Price official site, the shop has the CD soundtrack to If. Does anyone know if Alan performed any of
    the songs on that?


  15. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I don't recall hearing any Alan Price music during the film If... I watched it again recently, now that it's been
    released on DVD, and I think most of the music was African and classical. I haven't heard the soundtrack album,
    though, so I can't swear to it.
  16. Jim H

    Jim H New Member

    That's what I thought Holly. I've got the movie on tape but haven't watched it for some time now.

  17. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    For your information I have just realised the Andy Capp recording is a promo
    - so perhaps not many available??? How many promos do they do?

  18. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Don't know about 'If' soundtrack - as I haven't looked on the official site lately -
    will have to take a peek and see what's new!

  19. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Saw these two different covers on ebay
    Think they are 45s?


  20. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    The record on the top is a 45 RPM release: "The House That Jack Built" is the A-Side, with "Who Cares" as the B-side.

    The record below is an Extended Play (EP) 45 RPM release. The A-Side has "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo" and "I Put A Spell On You", and the B-Side has "Take Me Home" and "Iechyd-da".

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