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Discussion in 'Talk About Alan's Albums' started by hollyh, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I just thought we should start a thread for each of Alan's major solo albums, where we can all post our thoughts about the album. Anyone want to start? [hr]
    Fool's In Love
    Everything But Love
    Days Like These
    Bad Dream
    Double Love
    Mania Urbania
    Say It Isn't True

    Extra tracks on CD:
    Free With Me
    Man Overboard

  2. felipe

    felipe New Member

    One of my favorite albums of alan!!!!
  3. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I am impressed that you know this album, as it seems to be out of print. (At any rate it is nearly impossible to get in the US.) I've always been fascinated by the fact that there are so many songs on this album with "love" in the title -- and yet none of them is what you'd call a real straightforward love song. In fact, this album seems to me to be very cynical about love.
  4. Daria

    Daria New Member

    ah, hollyh, I found this album too, it's not very rare outside the USA as I can see :) it is not only cynical to me, it is also a bit tired. if i can put it like this.
  5. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw New Member

    I saw Alan play twice live on his Liberty tour and just after. They were two fantastic concerts and a really good band.

    I have always wondered who the sax player was on this tour as he was excellent. When I went to see Alan again about 3 years later he had changed his band again.

    Anyone know who this sax player was please.
  6. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw New Member

    I owned this CD once; lent it out and it got lost. This is a great album and I miss it. I saw Alan in concert and he introduced the song "say it isn't true" as the most most boring record ever made: Of course he was kidding because it was so brilliant live that the hairs stood out on the back of my neck.
    Love this album!
  7. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    That is an amazing track. I recently finally heard the original version by Jackson Browne. I think Alan's is so much better.
  8. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    This album was never released in the U.S. but finallly became more available on CD. (The CD was also an import.)

    My favorites are "Fool's In Love", "Double Love", "Liberty" and Alan's brilliant rendition of Jackson Browne's "Say It Isn't True".
    Coincidently, I happened to listen to this album today on my IPod as I was driving to and from work. Then I sat in my car in my driveway until "Say It Isn't True" ended.

    Best wishes to all, Tony Concatelli

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