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Discussion in 'Alan Price Biography' started by Jean, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Jean

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    This is an interesting 2002 biography and about Alan's love of football.

  2. Rebekka

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    Quote from biography
    "It is hard to do justice to the Alan Price story, even in a couple
    of thousand words. He still performs regularly, 50-plus concerts a year.
    The hits are included but his band is no jaded nostalgia act."

    - wish it was true that he is still doing shows as I notice this was written in 2002
    but even so very interesting to read.

    Other point I noticed - Alan says he is now teetotal.
    Good for him - nothing better than nice cup of tea :D

  3. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    It's true now Rebekka!!

    Alan is doing live shows

  4. Daria

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    Yesterday Tony posted a link on some kind of early biography of Alan Price to the Facebook group. I don't know whether all the fans are there too (I know Tony, Holly, lullaby and I are there :)) and I also don't know whether Tony visits the Forum once in a while, that's why I'd like to put the link here :) hope he doesn't mind.

    BTW that site has our link [​IMG]

    Thank you, Tony, for the link (if you happen to be here)
  5. hollyh

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    Very good piece to sort out all that tangled history! And to think that Alan was only with the Animals for about a year and half -- if they started with the classic line-up in September 1963, re-named themselves the Animals in December 1963, started recording Jan/Feb 1964, and he left April 1965. Gosh! Seems ironic that people still refer to him as the Animals' organist, when it was such a tiny slice of his life.
  6. hollyh

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  7. milka

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    Excellent interview with Alan, love it :heart::heart:

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