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Discussion in 'Introductory Forum' started by Silver, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Silver

    Silver New Member

    Hullo all

    Came across the site after watching Jarrow Song on youtube. That's my favourite of the singles, followed closely by Don't Stop the Carnival.

    I'm not originally from the north east, Alan's old stomping ground, but I actually moved here because I love it so much.
  2. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Hi-Ho Silver!:hehe:
    sorry couldn't resist that!

    Welcome to the forum and glad you found us from Youtube.

    Do you actually live in Newcastle? and how did you become a fan?

  3. Silver

    Silver New Member


    My window overlooks the River Tyne - I'm on the Gateshead side.

    I've liked The Animals and Alan since I was a bairn and listened to the chart singles. It's that quirky quality in Alan's voice that I love, along with the north east accent of course!
  4. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Silver

    Good to see another member on APFF. Have you ever seen Alan in a show?

    I would love to get to one of the remaining shows in Night At The Flamingo Tour but unfortunately not possible -
    :point: perhaps next year.
  5. Silver

    Silver New Member


    Nope, but like you I intend to rectify my woeful omission next year. :thumbup:
  6. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Welcome, Silver!
  7. Silver

    Silver New Member

    Thanks! I'm a fan of The Kinks too.
  8. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Well, good taste tends to include all the same bands! :nod: If you have time maybe you could also visit the Kinks Fan Forum, where I'm admin...
  9. Celia

    Celia New Member

    Welcome Steve !
    It's a pleasure to have a member living in Newcastle ! perhaps there are many others but we don't know them !
    Last year, my godson has worked 6 months in Edinburgh and because of his job he came often in Newcastle. He told me it's a nice city.
    In your lines, we know now who are "the bairns" Alan speaks about in Jarrow Song. There is a large discussion at this subject on "our" website.
    Then, I don't know if I dare to recall on this website dedicated to Alan, that Gateshead is John Steel birth place…
  10. Silver

    Silver New Member

    Steve? :whut:

    I am of the female persuasion. :hehe:

    Why aye, the bairns don't even have a fire at yem, bless 'em, and they all suffer from colds and flu and rai-aindrops.
  11. Celia

    Celia New Member

    Sorry, sorry Silver ! 1000 apologies ! please forgive me : I don't read, write and... understand English very well ! I was sure you were a boy and as I was writing to you I was thinking to someone whose name is Steve....

    Will you come at the Bull's Head reunion on 2010, April 8th ? (see the thread Diana has created especially for that great day !)
    Friendly yours,
  12. Silver

    Silver New Member


    No problem about the name.

    No, I can't go to the reunion. It's too far away from me I'm afraid.

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