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Discussion in 'Any other subjects?' started by lullaby, May 28, 2010.

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    Yesterday afternoon, every person who knew him found out that little Clément had died in his home that very morning. The previous night, he went to sleep at bedtime, like every other 12 year old child his age; but the next day he did not wake up.

    He was one of my little brother's best friends, and I knew him well. One of the most remarkable kids you could imagine. Picture a smiling, upturned-nosed, adventurous, snail-hunting (for pet keeping), magic tricks and tree expeditions as he called them... that was him. Nobody was able to sleep last night and all our thoughts went to his poor family who are really undergoing something.

    What I'm appalled at... not only is it the attitude of the little clique of parents at the elementary school who gossip about everyone and everything... our village is small enough for that... is the fact that some parent decided to 'spread the word' to 60 people by e-mail 'explaining' the precise circumstancess of the death (according to her) without the family's consent. Why? To 'reassure' everyone, by letting them know exactly how it happened??:whut:

    She's turned herself into the town gossip, has no idea how serious it really is and obviously has no respect for the family... nice... you wonder to yourself how people can dare do such horrible things... and be willing to take advantage of such a tragedy to be, once again, the popular center of attention... I don't even know what to think of these people...
  2. Jean

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    I too am appalled that anybody could do such a thing in such sad circumstances.

    Some people are so thoughtless about the feelings of others :sad:
  3. lullaby

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    Exactly, Jean. A marvellous display of thoughtlessness and selfishness is what it is. The worst thing is that the 'news' (let's give her credit, she's number one Papparazzo in town and I'll consider her as such) she sent out to everyone has spread out to the other villages in the whereabouts... and the information is false! Clément's little sister had a talk with her class (my brother included) and delivered, well, a different history of the events. Oh, to think that throughout the day today I've been hearing 'versions' coming from a trillion directions... if that woman hadn't opened her mouth and kept to her position as an exterior person having absolutely no business in messing around in other people's private affairs, this would not have happened.

    We've also learned that before Clément's incineration next week the police are coming out to investigate- the circumstances weren't exactly what we'd been told in the first place. And for what she did- deliberately sending off information without their accord- this woman might actually find herself having to answer some questions.

    Knowing her quite well myself, I couldn't help it- I wrote back. I told her exactly how incredibly incorrect it was of her, and shocking; period. Plain odious. How would she have felt if some complete stranger had done the same thing to her? I wrote to her that whether she likes it or not, she's infringed the family's privacy... and because these people are private and not public figures, she can be legally pursued. Clément's parents wouldn't hesitate. She feels safe among all her 'followers', so she sent out the e-mail to all those people- but she made a mistake. She also sent an e-mail to the woman who lives next door to the family, who might react.
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    What an awful situation, lullaby. It's sad enough that the family has lost their child -- but to have all this uproar on top of that! They should be able to attend to grieving, and yet they must deal with this instead. It seems as if this other woman is using their tragedy to puff up her own importance. Terrible!
  5. lullaby

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    Someone, with a very well written and discreet (thank God...) letter, managed to stop the gossip trend that was going about and killed all the rumors. There will be no funerals in the town; the family wishes to keep the whole matter quiet and within family boundaries, as it should righteously remain. They did, however, leave a little book in the town hall for people to write a little note of condoleances if they want. I wrote a quick line myself this morning.
    Sighs. Fortunately, that gossip woman DID her fingers whacked (and good, too), I'm quietly pleased about it.

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