fun song

Discussion in 'Fun and Games - please join in' started by Diana, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Diana

    Diana Administrator Staff Member

    fun song
  2. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Oo-er - like that Diana, very clever isn't it :lol:
  3. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

  4. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Like that one Holly -

    Never could remember which was the capital of which state
    - well only the odd one or two - so very useful for us in UK.
    Perhaps I had better memorize it too :)
  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Believe me, even over here we can't keep all those capitals straight! Especially since they aren't necessarily the biggest city in the state -- for example, New York City isn't the state capital of New York State (Albany is) and neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles is the capital of California (Sacramento is). It can get very confusing!

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