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    Strange that there is not one to be found. I know Alan wasn't a major factor in the American rock scene (the same for so many British bands and solo artists from the 60's), but maybe this will result in building a US discography for Alan. Thanks for your reply!
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    I have an old issue of Aware Magazine from the 80s, I believe, that has a discography that I used to track down Alan's records in the 80s. I believe it has the US discography separate from the UK one. I will check at home tonight and scan it.
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    I checked Aware Magazine from 1973 and the Goldmine British Invasion Record Price Guide to put together the following. I cross-checked with my collection and I don't have any other US or Canadian releases other than what follows. I've not seen the House of the Rising Sun album on Townhouse, but I assume it's the same as the Rising Sun album on Jet. I'd like to hear if anyone has a copy and it's different.

    Alan Price US Discography.
    I Put a Spell on You/Iechyd-Da Parrot 3001 1966
    Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Take Me Home Parrot 3007 1966
    Willow Weep For Me/Yours Until Tomorrow Parrot 3008 1967
    Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear/Tickle Me Parrot 3009 1967
    The House that Jack Built/Who Cares Parrot 3013 1967
    Shame/Don’t Do That Again Parrot 3014 1967
    Not Born to Follow/To Ramona Parrot 3019 1968
    Falling in Love Again/Sly Sadie Cotillion 44044 1969
    O Lucky Man/Poor People Warner Bros 7717 1973
    I Wanna Dance/Just For You Jet XY1119 1978
    This is Your LuckyDay/Mama Don’t Go Home Jet5056 1979
    I Don’t Feel No Pain No More (Time and Tide)/
    Rwolf and Snitter Run to Sea Epic 04319 1984

    This Price is Right Parrot PA61018/PAS71018 1968
    O Lucky Man Warner Bros BS2710 1973
    Savaloy Dip (8-track only; recalled before official release)Reprise M86427 1974
    Between Today and Yesterday Warner Bros BS2783 1974
    Alan Price Jet JT LA809-H 1977
    Lucky Day Jet JZ35710 1979
    Rising Sun Jet NJZ 36510 1980
    House of the Rising Sun Townhouse SN7126 1981
    It’s Priceless Accord SJA-7904 1982

    Georgie Fame and Alan Price
    Rosetta/John and Mary Reprise 1014 1971


    The Whales of August - Varese Sarabande STV 81347 1987 - composed by Alan Price
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    Oh, thank you so much, Jim! I had a feeling you were the best source for this info -- I'm glad you logged on here and posted this before we spent a lot of time duplicating your effort. This certainly covers all the LPs I have in my collection.
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    You're very welcome, Holly. I'm always happy to pass on record information when I can. I had forgotten the soundtrack to the movie The Whales of August that Alan composed but I don't notice him playing on (I'll have to listen again more closely). I've edited my post above to include it.
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    Thanks Jim
    Great to see you are still looking in on us now and again :wave2:

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