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Discussion in 'Discography' started by hollyh, May 1, 2008.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    In the most recent Collector's Choice catalog I received, there's a boxed item under New Exclusives:

    Ex-Animal Alan Price's Solo Masterpieces

    Keyboardist Alan Price was the most valuable instrumental Animal, his organ propelling hits like House of the Rising Sun and Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. After leaving the band, Price notched a number of U.K. hits before creating what most critics consider to be his crowning achievements, his soundtrack to Lindsay Anderson's film O Lucky Man and his concept album Between Today and Yesterday. Which, happily, happen to be the two albums from his catalog that we've nabbed exclusively for our Collector's Choice Music label! Out May 13.

    O Lucky Man (Soundtrack)
    Not only is Alan Price's score of O Lucky Man a great soundtrack in its own right, but it plays such a prominent role in the film, acting as sort of a Greek chorus commenting on the action taking place, that it takes on almost an operatic sweep. Lindsay Anderson's story of an everyman's journey through various levels of British society inspired Price to write a series of music hall-style vignettes whose pleasant melodies belied their cynical lyrical content. Price $10.98

    Between Today and Yesterday
    This album is a whimsical, charming look at Price's upbringing in working class Newcastle, a sort of companion piece to the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society complete with music hall flourishes. It's also probably the most critically-acclaimed album of Price's career (All Music Guide gives it 4 1/2 stars), and something of a lost classic. Price $10.98.

    Check out
  2. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    As a new fan of Alan Price, it was fantastic to have these two wonderful albums released again, right around the time that I was discovering Alan and his wonderful music! But I must say, I was disappointed with the amount of hiss on "O Lucky Man!" Is there a better CD out there, or is the hiss inherent in all pressings of this album?
  3. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    th_welcome.gif Hi Sweet_Pea

    Great to see another new member posting on APFF.
    You say you have recently discovered Alan Price - brilliant isn't he?
    How long have you been a fan? and do you live in the UK?

    Since reading your post I have listened to my O Lucky Man CD
    again and cannot hear any hiss at all so I wonder if you have a
    faulty CD?

  4. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    Well like most people here in the U.S., I discovered Alan Price with the film "O Lucky Man!" While I think the movie isn't as good as I wish it was (I think the first film in Lindsay Anderson's Mick Travers trilogy of films "If...." was much better, albeit very different), the MUSIC was what caught me. First, I didn't think much of it. Then it would . . . just . . . . not . . . . . get out . . . . . . of my head! So I watched the film a second time (for a three hour film without much of a plot, that's saying something) just mainly to hear the music! I've been in love with the man's work ever since.

    As for the Collector's Choice CD, I'm no music expert and I don't know if "hiss" was the right term; background noise? It's like it needed more noise reduction on the remastering or something.
  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I don't find background noise a problem on my O Lucky Man! CD. There is a bit on My Home Town, but I think that's a deliberate effect.
  6. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    I don't find background noise a problem on my O Lucky Man! CD either Sweet_P only,
    as Holly said, there is a bit of hissing on My Home Town which is obviously a bit
    of background effect.

  7. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    I just purchased the first song on the album off of iTunes, and sure enough the version I downloaded didn't have any hiss at all, whereas my Collector's Choice CD version was drowning in hiss! Very strange . . . . I wonder if this is a problem with the Collector's Choice mastering, or if it's as Rebekka stated and I have a faulty CD. I shall investigate further . . . . .
  8. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Glad you've got a non-hissy song now Sweet_P - let us know if you find out any thing interesting
    re the hissy recording :)

    If you want to download any further songs then why don't you try Alan's own site -

    and also his website at has some new and very interesting songs
    to download that have not yet been released.

  9. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    Well, I contacted Collector's Choice and they said that it sounded fine to them, so yeah, I figured I'd purchased a faulty CD or something. So I bought another one, and sure enough, the same damn background fuzz was there. right from the get-go. I'm thinking of buying the older CD where Alan Price's head is bigger on the cover. Or just downloading the thing from iTunes and be done with it. But I'm that increasingly rare type of music lover who likes to have the actual CDs; downloading everything is boring.

    I'm just tired of re-buying this darn album!! Thank heavens it's not something expensive like the White Album or something, or else I'd go crackers!
  10. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    That's a shame, Sweet P. I always thought Collector's Choice was a quality outfit; I buy a lot of stuff from them. Are they the only source for this album now? When I replaced my vinyl album with CD, I bought direct from Amazon and the quality of that CD was fine. I don't think Collector's Choice does their own pressings, do they?
  11. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    Goodness, I really don't know. But I ordered the commercially available version that's not CC, so I'll see how that turns out.
  12. Sweet_P

    Sweet_P New Member

    Sorry about the long delay, but the good news is that, as I was hoping, the older CD version of OLM! (released by Warner Bros. under the "Warner Archives" label) is devoid of the relentless background noise that plagues so much of the CC version. It must be the same one iTunes got their version from, because they're of equal quality.

    Now again, I'm no audiophile, but a small downside could be that on the Collector's Choice CD, the music sounds just a taaaaaaaaaaad deeper and more "full" than the Warner CD. But the difference is hardly there at all, I only picked it up after doing back-to-back comparisons about five times. But given the background fuzz of the disc, that small difference becomes irrelevent to me.

    SO, conclusively, I encourage all to stick with the Warner CD. (Or, if you're a real serious music collector/aficiando, your old records, or course!)
  13. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I'm just glad you've finally got one without the buzz. Personally I couldn't live without my O Lucky Man! CD!!

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