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Discussion in 'Alan Price - On The Internet' started by hollyh, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    Here's a link to click on to read a nice interview with Alan, from Saga magazine, about the early days of British rock and roll: Saga interview
  2. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Oh thank you Holly - that is a good interview.

    My copy of Saga Magazine hasn't been opened yet as unable to read much at the moment.

    Great to see Alan's interview. I am hoping one or two of the daytime
    TV shows and/or evening shows will invite Alan to do a song or two and talk to him. :wink:
  3. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Good report - SAGA magazine :whut:

    Did you find that on line Holly?
  4. milka

    milka New Member

  5. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I subscribe to a Google service that every day sends me links to any new posts that mention Alan Price. Much of the time it's some other Alan Price -- a hit-and-run driver or the kid who scored a winning goal in a football game. But from time to time it does turn up some gems about our man.
  6. desmolady

    desmolady New Member

    Thank you also for the link, always good to see interesting reviews in print.

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