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    Another album I found in that box of old vinyl in my basement -- Ark by the Animals (1983). I took it out for a spin, but I have to say, it was still disappointing to me. I so much prefer the earlier Animals reunion record, Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted. Ark seemed to me to be a vain attempt to remodel the Animals as a New Wave band. I noticed that nearly all the songs were written by Eric (with collaborators, of course). I always assumed that this came about because Eric needed to resuscitate his career -- but what baffles me is why the other original Animals went along with it? There's barely any organ solos on it -- Alan's role seems to have been minimal. And in 1983 his solo career was going okay, he didn't need the Animals. Anybody have any insights on this?
  2. Daria

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    I also don't get it. I mean, how Alan could possibly agree on that tour in 1983. Tony, one of the members of the forum told me @Facebook that he visited that tour in London. I think I can quote him, hope he wouldn't mind.

    "I saw the Animals on this tour in London 1983. I remember Alan and Eric had some sort of argument backstage. As we waited backstage Eric signed our programmes, and i remember Alan rushing past us obviously in a bad mood. According to the paper the next day, there was an incident involving a book being thrown at Alan's head." (C) Tony

    I was shocked by his words. The Animals at that time didn't have much to give to Alan I think. They were so different. Why he would play Eric's songs and bear such humiliation. I just don't get it. Probably Alan had some free time :) and he just don't like to sit without work. Or it's the money question. I put the videos in the Youtube links thread. Alan doesn't seem to have much fun (except for the "I'm Crying" thing) :/
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    I always wondered if they did this tour for the other guys -- Chas and John and Hilton -- whose careers weren't doing as well. Otherwise it makes no sense.

    I am glad that they didn't just make it an "oldies revival" tour, playing their own past hits over and over. At least they were trying to be relevant. Unfortunately, the music of that era didn't suit their talents. Keyboard-wise, it was an age of heavy synthesizers -- that wouldn't seem to be Alan's thing.
  4. Daria

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    Agree with you. Though he made it brilliantly anyway. Though they had two pianists... god only knows why. I liked that Alan had a chance to sing O Lucky Man there. He smiled at once. THough mostly as I understood they played Eric's songs. I'm not of a big opinion on EB. His voice was much worse than Alan's, and his showing off... I wonder why he has so many fans.
    I wish him a good health anyway.

    IMO Alan looked his best in the promo video of that tour ("The Night" I posted in the Youtube links thread). I listen to the song because of the chorus. The backvocals are in unison %).
  5. hollyh

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    I did see them perform on this tour, at the Beacon Theater in New York. In concert, they played more of their old hits, and Alan did get to do a few of his solo songs. That night they seemed to be getting along OK.

    I have to say, in concert Eric Burdon really does have a great, powerful voice. (At least he did in 1983.) I'm not saying it was better than Alan's, but I won't deny that EB can sing. And because he doesn't have to stand behind a keyboard, he can jump around and do more of that "showing off" than Alan ever could. (Somehow I don't think that would have been Alan's style anyway.)

    But when you see interviews with Eric, he talks an awful lot of rot. He seems like quite an egotist, and he's always spouting cliches. I don't think he has ever been much of a songwriter, either. I agree that he seems to like fighting with his partners -- must be the Geordie in him! :lol:
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    What I had heard regarding the songs on The Ark was that Alan did not contribute any songs but was holding his songs back for his own solo recordings. I too was disappointed in the album. It has too much of an 80s sound to me. I prefer Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted, probably, in a large part, because it sounded like the old Animals.
  7. hollyh

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    In fact, Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted contains some of my favorite Animals tracks of all time. It's a fantastic album!

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