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    Check out's extensive Alan Price webpages:

    Allmusic's web pages for Alan Price includes an Overview, a Biography, a Discography, Songs, Credits, and Charts & Awards.

    Here's a good example:

    The following review of the "O Lucky Man!" soundtrack is on Allmusic:

    "Like most of his largely fantastic post-Animals work, Alan Price's soundtrack to the 1973 film, O Lucky Man!, went almost completely
    unnoticed in the United States at the time of its release. It is a shame too, because the soundtrack holds together as one of the best
    albums Price ever put out. The film's plot followed the adventures of an everyman named Mick Travis (played by Malcom McDowell) on his
    surreal journey through varying class-levels of British society. Price's music was fully integrated into the film, with scenes his band's
    studio performances providing a kind of Brechtian commentary on the story as it unfolded. Since the movie was a black-comedy, it
    stood to reason that the music (featured so prominently) would reflect that aspect, and it did. All of Price's offerings are delivered with
    a healthy dash of wryly-smiling, Pantagruelian cynicism lurking just beneath their pleasant, dance-hall veneers.
    "Look Over Your Shoulder" bounces along with its jolly chord progression, all the while warning listeners that doom and misfortune
    could be waiting for them around every corner. In the song "Justice", Price reminds us that it is often wealth that guarantees fair
    treatment under the law, while musically cavorting across the village green like a harlequin-costumed Ray Davies.
    Along with Davies' influence, there are also nods to Randy Newman evident on songs like "My Home Town" and (especially) the charming
    side-one offering "Poor People". Price keeps his influences in their rightful place though, never channeling them into his songs directly;
    he, instead, sets them on top of his piano, like busts of great composers, for inspiration." (Review by J. Scott McClintock)

    As I find other music and entertainment sites with good Alan Price coverage, I'll post them to APFF.

    Please consider posting your finds as well. Thanks, friends!

    Wishing you all the best, Tony
  2. Concatelli

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    IMDB - The Internet Movie Database

    The IMDB (Internet Movie Database) has a comprehensive listing of Alan Price's work as an actor and film score composer. It also has a very detailed listing of television appearances dating as far back as 1965.

    Does anyone have a copy of the VH1's TV documentary "Behind The Music" about Alan Price, from 1999? I'd love to see that!
  3. Concatelli

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    GEMM (Global E-Commerce Mega Marketplace)

    GEMM (Global E-Commerce Mega Marketplace) has a HUGE selection of Alan Price items for sale.

    "The GEMM catalog has over 21 million Vinyl Records, LPs, 45s, 33s, CDs, Cassette Tapes and Memorabilia Items. Buy rare and collectible music online from over 20,000 record stores and independent record collections worldwide. Sell your records, cds, and music memorabilia online. The World's Largest Selection of Hard to Find Music Albums, Out of Print Music, Collectible Records, Imported Music, Used Records, Used CDs, Independent Albums, Rare Vinyl Records, Rare Vinyl LPs, Music CDs, Cassette Tapes, Memorabilia."
  4. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member (Espirit International Limited) (Espirit International Limited) offers a discography, track listings, and an Alan Price image gallery!
  5. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member

    Alan Price on has a career overview, biography, discography, track listings, and.... the ability to listen to samples of Alan's songs on RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.
  6. Concatelli

    Concatelli New Member - A Personal Visit With Lindsay Anderson
    Malcolm McDowell - A Personal Visit With Lindsay Anderson.

    This site includes the following:

    Alan Price – The versatile Yorkshire rock’n roll star, singer/songwriter and film and theater composer became a member of Anderson’s creative circle with O Lucky Man! in which Price performed his song score on screen, as both a character and a Greek chorus commenting on McDowell’s epic adventures. The keyboardist and arranger of the Legendary rock group “The Animals,” Price’s hits with the group, with his own band and with the equally talented Georgie Fame, include: “The House of the Rising Sun,” “I Put A Spell On You,” “Rosetta,” “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear,” and “The Jarrow Song,” from his seminal album, “Between Today and Yesterday.” Price composed the music for Anderson’s theatre productions, beginning with Home, and the scores to Britannia Hospital, The Whales Of August and Is That All There Is?, Anderson’s biographical documentary.

    Has anyone seen "Is That All There Is"? Does anyone have a copy?
  7. hollyh

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    Here's a link to a blog post history of the Animals. Note that it takes the Burdon of the doubt, so to speak, regarding Alan's exit from the Animals. :? Really, Alan needs to get a biography written to correct this prevailing story. (I happen to be available for the job, Alan, whenever you're ready...)
  8. Concatelli

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    Alan Price on has a fair amount of information about Alan Price. Included are a biography, a filmography, a section entitled "worked with", another entltled "awards", and the ability to do an internet search that brings up much more.
  9. Jean

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    "This, dear friends, is a 1974 release from the esteemed Mr. Alan Price, of Animals and House
    of the Rising Sun fame. It's named Between Today and Yesterday and its a definite contender
    for inclusion on the "Best Albums Not Available on CD" list that I can't seem to get away from.
    For the skinny go here. Like so many of what I have come to regard as my favorites, I first got
    this as a cutout 8-track when I was 16. Boy, I miss cutout bins. What does it sound like, you
    may ask? Well, upfront, its a bit pretentious and grandiose, but Price has a self-effacing
    style here that keeps it gounded. It's supposed to be somewhat autobigraphical. It's a bit
    bluesy, a lot like Randy Newman, early Nilsson, Van Dyke Parks, and early-to-mid 70's Procol
    Harum. I have also heard the names Berthold Brecht and Kurt Weill bandied about in regard
    to its general feel and lyrical content, and these comparisons are not unfounded.
    The title song, done twice-on side one, stripped down with only piano accompaniment, and
    on side two with a full orchestra- is emotionally stark and haunting. If you run across this in
    a used vinyl store, you should buy. But you knew I was gonna say that, didn't you."

    As I have just got this CD from ebay I was quite interested in this blog :)
    I already have two LPs - one os a promo copy.

  10. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    On the internet - more interesting bits -
    "The Alan Price Combo, with Price handling the vocal duties before Burdon...."

    Alan Price Combo 1963

  11. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    So much to read. I really love this section.

    I did read somewhere that Alan was born 1941 but surely it was 1942????

  12. Concatelli

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    Alan Price on "Salut! Sunderland"

    Woah! I found a good one! It's "Salut! Sunderland". Check it out!

    "Salut! Sunderland"
  13. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

    Yes, a very good link Tony :lol:
    I have already put a link to that in the 'Alan Price Biography/Interesting Biography' section.
  14. lululaurie

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    Wolfgang's Vault

    There is a concert on Wolfgang's Vault, it is the Animals, but Alan does get to play O Lucky Man, the rest is EB singing, but you can at times hear Alan's piano/organ playing.
  15. hollyh

    hollyh Founder Member

    I recall that reunion tour. FRUSTRATING for us AP fans!
  16. Olwen

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    Can't see a reference to this anywhere else on this website already - hope I haven't missed it! There is a charming interview with Alan in the Desert Island Discs series from 1982 which you can find here:

    There is also a 1980 DID interview with Lindsay Anderson who included a song by Alan (Poor People) amongst the eight records he would like to be stranded with:

  17. Rebekka

    Rebekka Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the links Olwen. Alan on Desert Island Discs - great!

  18. Jean

    Jean Webmaster Staff Member

  19. Olwen

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    Hi Jean and Rebekka

    Glad you both liked the DID interview.

    Forgot I was also going to mention another small thing - that in Hugh Laurie's Blues Changes shown on the BBC last year, Alan's song Changes was the first song played (as a cover by Laurie and his band), with due credit to AP, and Hugh then documented some of the other "changes" the song had undergone from its origins as a church hymn, using it to exemplify the way songs mutate as they travel between different musical genres.

    best wishes,
  20. hollyh

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    Wish I could listen to that Desert Island Discs show. Unfortunately the BBC often blocks those of us who don't live in the UK or Commonwealth from listening to their programs. :(

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