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    Here's one from the South Wales News about Alan's musical inspirations:
    Church key for former Animal

    CARL Perkins might have taught Alan Price how to down a bottle of vodka in 15 minutes flat, but his musical education came from the church.

    The feted keyboard player, who beat a messy exit from The Animals as they were riding the crest of a wave, has always taken a willful approach to his career.

    ‚Äč[​IMG]But his time with The Alan Price Set has kept his name legendary and he plays Pontardawe Arts Centre on Saturday, with a respectable little outfit involving Bobby Tench and Zoot Money.
    They have been at it a while, but Alan promises a pacey night, from 7.30pm. "It will be like Madame Tussaud's, with sound! Playing keyboard makes you a Perry Mason figure, in that you can labour for longer!"
    A night of hits beckons, including scorchers like Bring It On Home, I'm Crying, The Jarrow Song and Don't Stop The Carnival.
    While the great bands of the rock and roll boom in Liverpool credit their musical education to the sailors who brought exotic records and guitars to the port from the US, Alan's awakening came thanks to his older brother, he recalls. "John was choirmaster in the baptist church and obsessive about New Orleans jazz.
    "He bought me my first guitar, mainly so I could be in his band. So I was in that choir and in the Church of England one as well.
    "The contrast between the sombre music in the Church of England, and the happy sounds of the baptist church fascinated me."
    Also a near-fatal bout of jaundice led his grandmother to whisk young Alan along to her over 60s parties, out of his sickbed and on the road to recovery.
    "There would be music hall and comedy songs, country and western and sketches.
    "My grandmother was a formidable woman and when we went to her house we all had to sing a song or recite a poem.
    "I was an introverted child, having lost my father young in an industrial accident, so I would sing with tears in my eyes."
    He got over his shyness, in time to see stardom with The Animals. Not to mention in time to create a ruckus with Mr Blue Suede Shoes, Carl Perkins, on a UK tour as a youngster. "Carl taught me how to drink a bottle of vodka and orange in 15 minutes. You take undiluted orange cordial, pour it in your mouth and drink the vodka through it, mixing it in your mouth.
    "But he also taught me Wake Up Little Suzie on guitar and I used that same riff for I'm Cryin, which Eric Burdon and I wrote together. Carl loved the Everlys and he talked about when they first walked into Sun Studios as little boys who, to quote Nick Cohn, sang together like two salmon coming up out of the water."
    While Alan doesn't miss the rudimentary instruments which gave The Animals their grimy sound, it is hard not to get nostalgic about a time when music felt like a one-to-one experience, he admits.
    "It is more difficult now as a listener because there's so much music out there.
    "Now music is less about the personal experience and more about the communal. I played Glastonbury last year and I found it disturbing. Nothing competes with seeing a performer in smaller venue, because that is a personal experience."
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    Thank you Holly - a great review

    with some very interesting comments from Alan.

    I think I'll pass on the Vodka and orange though :hehe:

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